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James Rizzi in Popular Art

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James Rizzi - Pop artist of a unique kind

James Rizzi was one of the most popular artists of all time during his lifetime, a true “pop artist.” He became known for the invention of 3D paper sculpture and 3D magnetic images, which have been inextricably linked with his name since the 1970s. But he has also made a reputation for himself as a painter of unique acrylic pieces and has left his mark on a wide variety of everyday objects.

His unmistakable personal style, humor and optimism, inherent in all his works, are loved by millions of fans around the world.

The legendary pop artist from New York

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Born in Brooklyn in 1950, he studied art at the University of Florida in Gainesville until 1974. Shortly after finishing his studies, he had the chance to present his work at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. Over the years, he continued to develop his signature style, creating a sea of colorful images bursting with the joy of life. Rizzi lived and worked in his studio loft in New York’s SoHo neighborhood until his death on December 26th, 2011.
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The new Rizzi catalog 2022 is here!

A complete overview of all available 3D works and pigment prints of Rizzi are available from now on. The 2022 catalog is available for download here.

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The vision of the artist James Rizzi - The look ahead

James Rizzi was an optimistic and cheerful person during his lifetime. It was always his wish to have not only a full life, but also a long one, to give space and also time to all his thoughts and artistic ideas.

His 3D art from the 70s and 80s is now experiencing an exciting enhancement through the digitalization of today’s world – in the metaverse and in the form of NFTs.

James Rizzi’s sister Roberta comments: “It’s a dream come true for Jimmie: his characters can now be digitally animated and gain a three-dimensionality without losing the charm and Rizzi-ness”


We welcome James Rizzi as avatar

Virtual characters and hybrids between human and illusion make analog realities tremble! James Rizzi is reborn as a digital avatar in the year 2023. This exciting development will allow fans of Rizzi’s work to interact with the artist in a whole new way.

Welcome to the Metaverse and the world of NFTs

This exciting new project will allow fans of the artist to own a piece of his iconic pop art in the form of a digital artwork.

Explore a virtual world that represents the life and work of the artist. Do not miss the chance to perceive the art of James Rizzi in a new dimension.


The ART Collection
Virtual Fashion

It is known that James Rizzi was and is a fashion – and sneaker fan. Here you will find your right dress, the right dress, the right shirt to immerse yourself completely in the world of gaming…

The Kids Club

Paint like James Rizzi, paint with James Rizzi, design, design or just puzzle. The colorful urban world of PopART _artist from SOHO is made to fascinate young and the youngest…

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